Friday, 7 January 2011

control zed

This is a sort of remix/reconstruction sourced from the studio recordings from our first CD (more on that later). Each member of the band recorded a solo piece or two, the idea being that later we'd concoct some kind of collage piece from them, or maybe even just use them as they were. This also allowed the other two members to eat sandwiches, smoke tabs or sit around in the sunshine talking nonsense, so it provided a useful social function.

Control zed by astrogarage

Though I recorded a bass solo, it was short and not particularly interesting so it didn't get used. So instead I combined one of Paul's solos with Ian's (which was cut in half and overlaid on top of itself) and overdubbed a bit of synthesizer. Various bits were treated with effects, some bits were looped, but the basic structure (such as it is) was pretty much there from the off, as it were.

Hope you like it.

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